ISTI is a privately held firm that was incorporated in 1998 in the state of New York. We are a software development and systems integration company that originated from the Geophysical research arena (primarily Seismology, Exploration Geophysics, and Geochemistry) and have broadened into business, engineering, and scientific applications. Our strong science and math backgrounds allow us to write intelligent and powerful software to provide our customers with the tools they want to get their work done efficiently and precisely.

We are the leading provider of Open Source software solutions in the field of Earthquake Seismology. We provide custom solutions to data acquisition, custom control software (SCADA) and database systems using public-domain packages, commercial suites, and our in-house toolkit of software. Our goal is to provide open and well designed software systems that can be expanded and have a long usable life.

Our primary product is our Network Monitoring and Management tool, known as SeisNetWatch. We are deploying this product in the Petroleum Industry and in Seismological Research Institutions around the world. Contact us to see how we can adapt this tool to your needs. Other ISTI products are part of our Earthquake monitoring services and science support work, mainly using EarthWorm, the premier automated data acquisition and earthquake detection software in use around the globe.

By the numbers

ISTI provides customers with:

  • a platform that adapts for your future growth, enables rapid deployment, and provides low total cost of ownership
  • a professional services team that include some of the most capable software engineers in the world, with deep experience building dozens of intelligent and collaborative applications
  • domain experts in geophysics and engineering
  • extensive documentation and training
  • long-term commerical support

Some of the worlds largest research institutions rely on our software and technology. Refer to our client list to see who uses our services and software. We have two offices in New York, one in Massachusetts, one in New Jersey and a branch in Vienna, Austria.