Project Experience

You name it, we’ve done it or played with it. We are a team of engineers and scientists who love to code (and study Earthquakes). Most of our work nowadays is in Earthquake seismology related to turn-key seismic monitoring activities (Academic, Government, Regulatory, Oil and Gas, Geothermal, Carbon Sequestration and any other field where earthquakes are a concern or source of information). We also specialize in scientific software development and some of those projects are detailed below.

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Below is a generalized list of the types of software projects we have worked on, designed, specified, and completed for our customers.

  • Database schema design and implementation
  • Mobile platform development
  • Test systems for software tools
  • Web configuration, Web integration and Web services
  • Java Architecture & Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development
  • Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development
  • OS Porting (Unix to Windows and vice versa)
  • Real Time Data Acquisition & Control
  • Embedded System Development
  • Documentation for undocumented software systems (ISTI has a technical writing staff!)
  • Miscellaneous: Linux Kernel, Custom Software, & Training

Success Stories

American Samoa, 2011

Among other ISTI accomplishments, American Samoa, 2011, was able to make Tsunami warning, saving precious lives, thanks to ISTI CISN (California Integrated Seismic Network) Display technology.  Funding of the CISN Display was made possible by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), CISN members and the California OES (Office of Emergency Services).

Operators Reduce Risk

“This webinar features experts from state government in Oklahoma, Texas, and Ohio, who will discuss the range of state-level actions and approaches taken by these three oil- and gas-rich states to monitor and reduce the occurrence of induced earthquakes.” ISTI services, which play an active role in such monitoring, can help alert companies in time to avoid physical catastrophes within their local communities. ISTI’s early warning system helps companies avoid operation standstill and high fines while maintaining compliance.