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Introduction to Earthworm and AQMS at 2020 SAGE-GAGE Workshop

2020 Introduction to Earthworm/AQMS Course@Online 2020 SAGE-GAGE Workshop

Participants will :

  • Learn Earthworm Architecture and how to add and configure a module
  • Understanding how analysts can use AQMS for their seismic network

Earthworm is used primarily as a local and regional seismic data aggregator and automatic seismic event detection system. This Introduction will give examples of how Earthworm is used, will discuss the architecture, and will go into the basics of system configuration. If you add a Linux AQMS to Earthworm you get an event post-processing and databasing system. We will discuss Postgres database architecture, as well as describe how automatic event detection flows from Earthworm into AQMS. Finally, we’ll demo the platform-independent Jiggle post-processing picker software.

Intended audience: seismic network managers, system administrators, seismic analysts

ISTI Welcomes Peter Devanney

Peter Devanney 
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Peter Devanney

As ISTI’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Peter Devanney is responsible for ISTI’s worldwide marketing and sales. Supporting the next stage of ISTI’s growth, Peter works with the ISTI team to deliver innovative environmental monitoring products and services focused on our customers’ mission success.

Bringing more than 30 years of successful international technical sales and marketing experience to ISTI, Peter most recently played a major role in the transformation of a seismological equipment and services provider from fifth in the market to No. 1. Peter’s very early career focused on geophysical software development. A transition to technical sales in the telecommunications industry followed, providing Peter with experience in radio networks and VSAT systems, which he has used in the design of many mission-critical seismic monitoring networks. 

A graduate of Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science in Geology, Peter has been a long-time wilderness Search and Rescue volunteer. While no longer actively involved day to day, he still plays a role as an Incident Management consultant.

Structural Health Monitoring


“Monitoring building behavior upon earthquake impact.”

Seismic monitoring systems provide critical data on building behavior during earthquakes, improve understanding of structural stability, and lead to better building codes. Additional benefits include reduced inspection time after large earthquakes, since onsite visits by engineers may not be necessary when enough data are available. Our systems help satisfy common government requirements for seismic instrumentation when monitoring earthquakes in critical or large buildings. Continue reading

ISTI Now Offers AQMS, a Software Installation and Support Service, in a Postgres Version

For further information, reference the Seismological Research Letters article “Open-Source ANSS Quake Monitoring System Software”.


ANSS stands for the Advanced National Seismic System of the U.S.A., and ANSS Quake Monitoring System (AQMS) is the earthquake management system (EMS) that most of its member regional seismic networks (RSNs) use. AQMS is based on Earthworm, but instead of storing files on disk, it uses a relational database with replication capability to store pick, amplitude, waveform, and event parameters. Continue reading

Oklahoma Drill Completion Stopped Following Earthquakes

Frack drill rig for earthquake risk management article

Photo of Texas rig by Loadmaster (David R. Tribble) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

“Oil and gas producer Encana Corp halted work at a drill site in northwest Oklahoma following two earthquakes within a day in the same area,” according to Thursday’s Financial Post article.  Early detection is a service that we pride ourselves on at ISTI.  According to the article, “several years ago, Oklahoma suffered a spike in earthquakes that authorities tied to the underground disposal of saltwater.”  Local authorities cracked down in 2018, announcing new seismic requirements and penalties for companies who do not meet the requirements.  Non-compliance risks costly business halting and shut down, and now early detection is as important for businesses and communities as ever.  

ISTI’s cutting edge software, coupled with GEObit state-of-the-art equipment, provides a complete solution. Learn how ISTI can help in our full article: ISTI’s Rapid Notification Service in Oklahoma helps Operators meet new Oklahoma Hydraulic Fracturing Regulations that Require Seismic Monitoring.
Source: Hampton, Liz. “Encana halts Oklahoma well completion following quake” Financial PostJuly 25, 2019 —