How ISTI is responding to COVID-19

April 24, 2020 Update

ISTI’s Sid Hellman put together a nice Web UI to help people find the number of cases in their counties in the USA. The data are care of the New York Times ( and the UI is done in JavaScript. Please refer to the CDC web pages for what you should be doing to be safe from COVID-19.

March 16, 2020 Update

At ISTI, the health and safety of employees is our number one priority. We are following guidelines from Federal, State and local public health authorities.

Given the changes over just the past few days, it has become much clearer that attendance at industry meetings, although not officially postponed as of yet, is unlikely to occur unless the COVID-19 situation improves significantly. Currently, we are not planning any upcoming business travel.

As mentioned in the earlier communique, ISTI is a company whose primary delivery model is remote work. As such we are well suited to maintain continuity of operations.

For the networks we operate, we have trained local technicians who can respond to needs for field maintenance. Our data analysts will continue to monitor and respond to seismic events from those networks. Our software development team will continue to deliver on current and planned projects. We will monitor employees health and family responsibilities and make adjustments as needed to maintain operations.

Again, please call or drop us a note to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to see or hear from you and to talk about how we successfully collaborate as a remote team.

March 12, 2020

ISTI has been looking forward to meeting with colleagues and customers at a number of upcoming industry conferences over the next two months.

It is becoming increasingly uncertain whether these events will occur, or whether our employees will be able to travel due to cancelled events, regional or national border restrictions, reduced airline service or for personal reasons. 

In the news these days there is considerable coverage of employers asking employees to work remotely. Coincidentally, this has been ISTI’s core business model since the company’s inception 22 years ago. 

ISTI promotes an environment where team members work remotely and are responsible for their own results. All take pride in ensuring each contributes to deliverables on schedule. We have learned what it takes to successfully execute projects with team members spread throughout the world.

ISTI will continue to deliver on our various work in progress and will remain available for colleague or customer meetings using the same remote work technologies that we have leveraged internally.

Please call or drop us a note to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to see or hear you and even to talk about how we collaborate as a remote team.  For us, it will be business as usual.