ISTI & GFAST in Chilean News

Both Ben Baker of ISTI and GFAST were highlighted in El Mercurio newspaper on 6 February 2018 in the Chile aplicara sistema para agilizar alerta temprana de maremotos y terremotos article (loosely translated, Chile will apply system to streamline early warning of tsunamis and earthquakes).


An inherent difficulty in seismic-only earthquake early warning and tsunami forecasting is the rapid estimation of the earthquake magnitude and description of the rupture.  One novel approach is to augment the seismic-base system with geodetic information that can better capture the static-offset produced during large events.  In conjunction with the University of Washington, the Amazon Catalyst program, and the Centro Sismológico Nacional, ISTI is helping to make the Geodetic First Approximation of Size and Timing (G-FAST) production ready in the dynamic Chilean tectonic setting.   It is expected that the G-FAST enhanced Earthworm+Earlybird base system will be able to better characterize the frequent high-magnitude events on the Chilean subduction zone and ultimately improve rapid shaking and tsunami inundation estimates.