These are just some of the products ISTI has produced, supported, or maintained:

Structural Health Monitoring

  • SHMWORKS – Monitoring building behavior upon earthquake impact.

Earthquake Monitoring and Seismic Software

  • AQMS – ANSS Quake Monitoring System – the definitive post-processing tool for an Earthworm system. ISTI is the only provider of services for the installation of this package.
  • EarthWorm – the definitive Open Source Earthquake monitoring package in use around the world
  • ewSMSalert – A Java-based tool that uses hardware modems to send SMS alerts of earthquake locations from an Earthworm based detection system. This tool can also be used with a gateway but is primarily for sending to mobile devices directly using SMS modems.
  • EZ EarthWorm– Graphical user interface and administration tool for the EarthWorm Earthquake monitoring package
  • QuakeWatch – EIDS/QuakeWatch is the ISTI tool developed for Earthquake alerting and reporting. This is in use at CISN and the USGS.
  • Details on these projects coming soon
    • SeisComP3
    • SeisComP3 Laboratory (ISTI)


GEObit Equipment plus ISTI Software Provides a Complete SolutionISTI is the proud official U.S. distributor of GEObit instruments. FIND OUT MORE:

GEObit Equipment + ISTI Software 

= A complete solution

Radionuclide Products

  • Nuclear Test Monitoring – ISTI has been working on the science and mechanics of monitoring nuclear test activity since 2000 and we have a number of tools we bring to the problem.
  • Radionuclide Software Development – Under contract to the Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL.GOV), ISTI is developing the STAX (Source Term Analysis of Xenon) data processing software.

Structural Health Monitoring

  • SHMWORKS – Monitoring building behavior upon earthquake impact.

Additional Products

  • Hydroacoustic
  • Infrasound
  • JPlotResp and JEvalResp are two IRIS derived packages that we wrote and are premier tools for handling response information from SEED volumes. These tools are also available directly from IRIS.
  • Magnetometry
  • RockToSLink and RockToEW modules for the KMI Rock platform of digitizers
  • State Of Health Monitoring
    • SeisNetWatch – Seismic Network State of Health monitoring and alerting made easy. SNW is the premier tool for monitoring your seismic network no matter what the data logger or acquisition software