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AQMS == ANSS Quake Monitoring System

Current release level 2.0 (2012 release)

AQMS is the real-time and post-processing wrapper around the Earthworm automated earthquake detection system that is in use by the majority of Regional Seismic Networks in the United States as well as the volcano observatories. AQMS is written in C++ and Java and uses an Oracle database for persisting data. AQMS provides archiving and processing of earthquakes from Earthworm by analysts, alarming of automated and manually reviewed events, as well as a web-interface and Java-based analyst tool, Jiggle. Jiggle_AVO_view

Jiggle is at release level 2016.02.19 (shown above).

ISTI is one of the original authors of this Open Source earthquake processing system and the only commercial supplier of installation and support services. ISTI has been working with AQMS (formerly the CISN software system since 2000 when it was first deployed at Caltech). Some users of AQMS that are ISTI customers include: Caltech, USGS Menlo Park, UC Berkeley, PNSN @ University of Washington, Utah Seismic Network @ University of Utah, CERI @ University of Memphis, LCSN @ Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory (HVO), USGS Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO), Department of Water Resources in California, and the Geothermal Project Office at China Lake.

ISTI’s plan is to support the AQMS software indefinitely for our current users and for new customers as they join the group. We are pro-actively working to improve the AQMS system to include more features and better database support. We also provide commercial support for Earthworm configuration as part of an AQMS installation.

AQMS server software is currently supported on Solaris Intel, Solaris SPARC, and Linux. Jiggle, being Java, can run on any platform and is most often used on Windows and Mac OS X.


A data flow diagram showing the AQMS and Earthworm modules.

Contact us at ISTI to get AQMS installed at your institution.