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ew.logo_tinyEarthworm (v7.9 as of Nov 11, 2016) is an Open Source (not to be confused with Open Architecture) software system that is used globally for regional and local network seismology. It has been around since the early 1990s and is used by over 180+ organizations world-wide for monitoring earthquakes and volcaenoes. For more information about Earthworm, visit the Earthworm Web pages and join the Earthworm Google Group mailing list.

ISTI serves as the primary maintainer of the Earthworm source code. We also host the ewdev developer mailing list as well as the SVN source code repository. We have been working with Earthworm since our inception and are your source for training, configuration, remote support, and other Earthworm services. We base all of our seismic monitoring on Earthworm and AQMS. Join the growing ranks of companies and institutions using Earthworm and inquire with us to see how we can get you a cost-effective solution with no recurring fees.


In addition to maintaining the Earthworm source code, ISTI provides commercial support for Earthworm in the form of installation, upgrades, new software development, and training. One of our more popular tools is EZ Earthworm, EZW, which allows for easy, quick, and remote microseismic monitoring. To download a brochure about EZW, or any of or other tools and services, click here.

Please contact us for help with Earthworm.

Other flavors of Earthworm that ISTI installs are Bulletin Hydra (in use and developed at the National Earthquake Information Center) and EarlyBird (in use around the world for Tsunami monitoring; developed by the Alaska Tsunami Warning Center). In fact, ISTI provided the Linux port of EarlyBird back to the Earthworm community as a free service. ISTI provides AQMS installations as well. AQMS is an Earthworm wrapper that provides a post-processing solution in use by the majority of Regional Seismic Networks and all of the Volcano Monitoring Networks in the United States.

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In addition to providing support and services we have a set of exclusive ISTI licensed tools to help with your network operations and performance. Some of the services our tools can provide are to page you with a ground motion value from an earthquake, or simply SMS you earthquake details over a hardware modem. We are also able to connect the CISN Display (aka QuakeWatch: A GIS based Graphical User Interface to earthquake information and products) to Earthworm and EarlyBird with our plugin modules. We have experience with the Earthworm database MoleDB and the Web tools to connect to it and can build you a custom Earthworm solution that will improve your earthquake locations and processing beyond what you could imagine.


ISTI supports installation, configuration and running of ShakeMap on Linux and Mac OSX servers.  Read more.