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ewSMSalert provides a new tool for Earthworm systems users to obtain a earthquake information text message sent to mobile phones using an SMS modem. This tool allows operators to provide instant information about earthquakes happening within their network directly to their users, even if the internet is down. Many SMS services use an internet gateway which quickly becomes useless if your central earthworm computer is cutoff from the net. By using ISTI’s ewSMSalert tool and a hardware modem, we can assure that you get up to date earthquake reports from your network. Contact ISTI about pricing for this new and platform independent Earthworm module. The SMS message sent by our tool contains magnitude information, origin time, latitude & longitude, depth, and distance to nearest city.

Currently we have interfaced this with a MOXA GPRS modem, but it can easily be adapted for any SMS modem.


In addition to handling automated earthquake messages from Earthworm, we also have a companion tool called sei2ew that will allow you to push a SEISAN file back to an Earthworm ring, which in turn can be used to trigger an ewSMSalert instance.

ISTI is available to customize our tool to meet your needs. For instance, we can provide a version that talks to SeisNetWatch to alert you when stations go down in your network or if one of your servers goes offline.