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SeisNetWatch allows seismic network operators to monitor and manage the State of Health (SOH) of their networks or other networks distributed across the Internet. If you are worried about monitoring data quality and data flow, then SeisNetWatch is the tool for you! This technology, while designed for seismic networks, is easily customizable to your network’s hardware and SCADA systems.

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SeisNetWatch features:
MultiPlatform Capable

The SeisNetWatch system is coded in Java and runs on any platform supporting Java (i.e., Windows, Unix, Linux, & Mac). Since it uses CORBA it can interface with any data acquisition system, also. The GUI client runs as either a Java Application or can be web enabled as an Applet. We also provide a web services interface and a web portal as our primary dashboard.  ISTI’s SocketAgent allows one to script an SOH agent module in any language..choose your poision, Perl, Python, Bash, etc….

Network Distributed

Each SeisNetWatch component may reside on a different host computer as all communications between components is handled via CORBA or over secure sockets. We also provide a web service and a web portal for end-users and developers to build new dashboards.

Fully Configurable System

Each SeisNetWatch component is customizable via configuration files and is easily adaptable to any new requirements placed upon it. Our staff of programmers can adapt or modify any component to suit your needs if it is not already built in. Contact ISTI today to find out what this system can do for you!

Centralized Rule-based Decision Making

The NSIserver is the heart of the SeisNetWatch system and allows managers to centralize decision making. Rules are configured within the server to make intelligent decisions on the state of health of the network.

Fully Scalable

The SeisNetWatch system is fully scalable in that it can accommodate any number of agents and clients to interact with the system. The NSI Server itself is highly threaded to offload work to additional CPU’s and improve efficiency. We also have inter-server modules that allow clients to connect to multiple servers and provide redundancy.

Persistent Data in Server

The latest version of the NSI Server allows parametric data to be stored persistently in memory. Warehousing of parametric data to a persistent database allows review of parameters over a weeks or a month’s time. View plots of the performance of your stations!

CORBA-based Agents (Java, C, C++)

Collection and Control Agents are written using CORBA IDL and hence allow agents to interface with any data acquisition system libraries written in C, Java, or C++. The SocketAgent allows the agents to be written in any language, even shell scripts or scripting languages.

Fine-Grained Data Collection and Control

The SeisNetWatch System allows network operators to tune the collection of data which they are interested in and control the data acquisition processes at any level. The design of the system allows an infinite possibility of configurations.

Easy to use GUI/Web Client

The GUI client is an applet or an application depending upon the deployment needs of the network and it is very easy to use. New features include saving of state from run to run and improved graphing and sorting features. Please try the demo at the top of the page to see the latest version of the GUI in an Applet form.

GIS Mapping in GUI Client

The GUI client application now allows a map view of the performance of the stations in your network. Now operators can easily spot outages geographically and make easier assessment of overall network capability at any given moment. The GIS engine used allows any map layers to be introduced for operators to use in navigating to stations or for establishing communications links.

Email Reporting Client Available

An email reporting client is available for nightly summary reports on the state of health of your network. This client is highly configurable so as to report only on the incidents you care about. Forget about tons of useless email from individual stations and programs and get one summary per day (or any time span you desire).

Email ALERT Feature

A new feature of our Emailer Reporting Client is the ALERT email capability which can send you an email of significant events in addition to summary status reports. The ALERT email feature allows small emails to be directed to a different email address that may be linked to mobile phones or pagers.

Nanometrics SOH Agent

Nmxwagent monitors the state of health packets of all Nanometrics instruments. The nmxagent connects to a NAQS server and requests SOH packets from all types of instruments. The new agent allows monitoring of any parameter found in the SOH packets, including battery voltages, time since last GPS lock, PLL problems Satellite transmission problems, or other hardware problems.

Reftek SOH Agent

Reftekagent monitors the state of health packets of all Reftek RT130 instruments. The agent attaches to an rtpd server and polls for specific SOH packets upon demand. The new agent allows monitoring of many parameters found in the SOH packets, including battery voltages, time since last GPS lock, PLL problems or other hardware problems.

K2 Earthworm Agents Available

K2ewagent monitors the status packets of K2 instruments that feed an Earthworm ring buffer. The new agent allows monitoring of any parameter found in the K2 status and extended packets, including battery voltages, time since last GPS lock, disk problems, or hardware problems.

Guralp SCREAM and ISTI GCF UNIX Agents

Gcfagent to monitors the flow of data sources through the GSL SCREAM and GCF UNIX data acquisition systems. The gcfagent provides a view of data flowing from SCREAM, the data latency on the channels, and if any of the channels stop sending data. Time quality and data gaps will also be monitored by this agent.

Antelope and IRIS Orb Agents Available

Orbagents monitor the flow of data sources through the BRTT Antelope ORB and its earlier predecessor, the IRIS Orb. The orbagent provides a view of sources in the orb, the data latency on the sources, and if any of the sources stop sending data. An orbgapagent is in the works which will monitor gaps and overlaps in the orb and can be used to spot potential timing problems.

COMSERV Agents Available

The agents available for the system are designed to communicate with COMSERV (used by CalTech to talk to K2’s, Analog systems, and Quanterras). The datalog and csagents are capable of monitoring COMSERV data acquisition systems under both Linux and Solaris and are currently deployed at several customer’s sites. Other, custom agents can be ordered from ISTI.

SeedLink Monitoring Agent

The SEEDLINK monitoring agent gets you state of latency, gaps, missing channels from a seedlink feed.

Earthworm Agents Available

The agents currently available for the system are designed to communicate with Earthworm WAVE rings and measure data flow. This is a development currently being deployed by the USGS. The ewagent measures data latency and observes if trace packets are not showing up in the RING at all.

New Agents Under Development

ISTI has been contracted to write new agents that will increase the versatility of SeisNetWatch (SCADA). Other, custom agents can be ordered from Contact us for details .

Who uses SeisNetWatch?

A number of leading research centers and institutions choose SeisNetWatch for their networks. Some customers include:

  • Hawaii Volcano Observatory
  • Alaska Volcano Observatory
  • Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
  • California Institute of Technology
  • British Geological Survey
  • Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, NOAA
  • University of Utah Seismic Network
  • A large UN group running seismic networks
  • Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) Data Management Center
  • Seismic Data Analysis Center, Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, Hannover Germany
  • United States Geological Survey at Golden, Colorado
  • United States Geological Survey at Menlo Park, California
  • Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Lamont Cooperative Seismic Network
  • Cayman Islands Seismic Network
  • Earthscope ANF

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