ISTI Consulting and Design Services

ISTI provides consulting support to clients for software development in any field. We have specialists on our team that can design new software systems or upgrade your existing programs. Generally we prefer to work under UNIX and Linux, but we have Windows specialists if that is your platform of choice. We have produced everything from complex distributed systems to hardware integration modules. See our projects page for just a few of the many solutions our teams have provided to customers.

Custom Solutions

We are a team of programmers and project managers that can solve your software problems. We will work with you to provide a solution that fits your budget and goals. We have many years of experience in designing robust software solutions that are designed for long term deployment and maintainability (e.g., some systems we designed in 1988 and earlier are still in use today). Please ask for some references from our client list.

Support Contracts

ISTI is prepared to support your software systems whatever they may be. We are programmers that have handled legacy code and systems for many years and provide a level of service on software that is unmatched. Our founders started out supporting legacy systems and have a commitment to helping and empowering the end-user. We have several clients that rely on ISTI for on-call support for everything from critical production databases to simple data formating scripts to high volume web applications.

Design Services

In addition to providing support and coding, ISTI will help you write specifications and formulate a design document for your project. We focus on best practice programming solutions by spending some serious time on design, when the budget allows. Designing before implementing is often an overlooked practice in software development, especially when there is a rush to market. We have designed everything from complete CORBA distributed systems using Java and C++ to Database backed web sites using Java Servlet technology. Let us assist you with your design, and then, only if you are satisfied, we are available to implement it for you as well. Contact us today to obtain an example design document from one of our “non-proprietary” projects.

Please contact ISTI directly for pricing information.

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