Seismic Software Support

Seismic Software Support by ISTI

ISTI provides consulting support for customers using EarthWorm, COMSERV, NEIC Bulletin Hydra, ATWC EarlyBird, GFZ SeisComP3 and other earthquake data acquisition and software systems. We provide custom support and development for our flagship seismic network monitoring product, SeisNetWatch and for EarthWorm tools which we have designed.

The ISTI team has written and developed software for many of the seismic systems in use today and is thoroughly familiar with their configuration and pitfalls. The principals of ISTI were the original authors of the IRIS PASSCAL Database (PDB) System, and helped maintain the PDB software for IRIS/PASSCAL. In addition, ISTI’s developers have contributed significantly to the Earthworm System and to the development of COMSERV (used for Quanterra dataloggers), Reftek2EW and Guralp data acquisition tools. We have worked with all of the major instrument manufacturers equipment.


Let ISTI provide remote support for your seismic network. ISTI will provide remote analysis and configuration of your network at a very cost effective price. We have high speed Internet connections and are able to apply remote dial-up or Satellite technology to solve your Networks problems. Whatever it takes, ISTI can give you the support you need to keep your Seismic network functioning.

We are available to help configure your network, to modify your seismic software, or write new software when there are gaps in the available packages. All of ISTI’s software is delivered in Source Code and Executable form on the client’s target platform. We advocate for the end user and provide cost effective solutions without having to do “ground up development”. We also provide “commercial off the shelf” (COTS) solutions that we back with our service/support contracts. Our COTS solutions are pre-packaged ready to run Open Source solutions with our custom documentation and installation scripts.

In addition to software development and configuration support, ISTI can provide you with field support for installation of seismic networks. We have a large pool of experienced field engineers that get your project completed on time and within budget. Contact us to see example field reports for some installation projects we have performed. Our team of seismic engineers has over 50 years of combined experience with digital dataloggers spanning from the PRS4 and SSA1, to the RefTek, to the Guralp DM24, to Nanometrics, to the Kinemetrics Basalt/Granites, all the way to the newest Quanterra Q330 and its Balers!

We are world travelers and have installed software and seismic instrumentation throughout the globe. Here are some of the countries we have worked in: Australia, Antarctica, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Fiji, Germany, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kirgyzstan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Puerto Rico, Raratonga, Russia, Taiwan, and Tahiti.