Rapid Earthquake Notification Service

ISTI provides rapid earthquake notification in key states which are further validated by the seismologist on watch.  Operators receive data tailored to their acreage & operation.

ISTI is pleased to offer our subscription service to oil and gas operators who need rapid earthquake information.  The service provides  rapid earthquake notification information in the Central and Eastern USA, covering the states of Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. In Texas we are especially active in the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford plays. In Oklahoma we are operating state-wide and in the SCOOP/STACK plays.

ISTI provides two levels of 24/7 email notification service to industry operators: basic and premium service levels.  For either service we can rapidly notify within 60 seconds of an earthquake in the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania.  For other other states where induced seismicity is a hotbed issue, like Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma, ISTI provides rapid earthquake notifications in less than 120 seconds of an event occurring.  ISTI uses a finely-tuned, automated earthquake detection and reporting system configured for seismic stations operating in the Central and Eastern USA.

We ingest all available data from temporary and permanent seismic stations operating in the regions of interest.  Our service can provide better location resolution than the USGS in areas where small networks are operating. Where  possible, we incorporate data from state, and in some cases, private networks. The automated email reports  show operators the earthquake location, depth, uncertainty in the location, and an ML magnitude (also known as Richter magnitude). Automatic reports are further validated and updated by the ISTI seismologist on watch. Operators will receive emails tailored to their acreage and specific operations.

Notification Service Levels

1) Basic Notification*

Automatic detection and email notification of any events > ML 2.0, within 120 seconds of the event,  followed up by a review from a professional seismologist during normal ISTI working hours.  The seismologist will validate or qualify the automatic event detection/location and provide additional information.

2) 24×7 Premium Notification*

Automatic detection and email notification of any events > ML 2.0, in the same fashion as BASIC NOTIFICATION, plus a review by a professional seismologist initiated within 15 minutes of event occurrence regardless of the time of day or day of week.

Service - RapidEarthquakeNotification - Chart hi res
*Yearly subscription pricing is available request. Contact us for specifics. 

ISTI also provides additional services for induced seismicity monitoring or microseismic monitoring for understanding fracture growth. Please inquire.