Structural Health Monitoring


“Monitoring building behavior upon earthquake impact.”

Seismic monitoring systems provide critical data on building behavior during earthquakes, improve understanding of structural stability, and lead to better building codes. Additional benefits include reduced inspection time after large earthquakes, since onsite visits by engineers may not be necessary when enough data are available. Our systems help satisfy common government requirements for seismic instrumentation when monitoring earthquakes in critical or large buildings.

As an example, the 2008 Los Angeles Building Code (1613.8.2) requires a minimum of three accelerographs to be deployed at the base, middle, and top of a structure. Required for buildings over ten stories, or over six stories with aggregate floor area of 60,000 square feet or more, the three instruments are typically placed in identical positions vertically in the building. Interconnected for common triggering and timing, the top-most unit provides a GPS timing signal from the roof of the structure.

Software Capabilities


Convenient web portal to view your building’s performance and analyze your monitoring system’s health.

Hardware Capabilities


Robust and cost-effective solutions to equip your building.

GEOBit Equipment + ISTI Software:

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