ISTI Training Services

In addition to our software development services, ISTI also provides software training and short courses to our clients. Our training services include:


This course covers:

  • Working with the Earthquake Catalog
  • Earthquake re-picking and relocating with Jiggle
  • Setting up an Earthworm System to feed AQMS
  • Back-end AQMS modules to go between Earthworm, Jiggle, and the database. Definition/ Configuration/ Troubleshooting
  • Basic care and feeding of AQMS – standard database maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Postgres and Oracle

Most Recent EW/AQMS 3-Day Intensive – Fall 2019 (pre-AGU)


As the team providing developer coordination for the Earthworm System and in charge of preparing and releasing Earthworm updates, ISTI proudly provides EW training courses. Our introductory course provides an overview of the EW system and teaches basic operator usage. Our EW programming course provides for in-depth instruction on EW configuration and illuminates the details of the EW Programming Interfaces. These courses are taught periodically in NY, and we are available to teach them upon request in our offices, or at a client’s site. Class size is limited to 20 participants.

Earthworm Course – June 2020

Recent EW/AQMS 3-Day Intensive – Fall 2019 (pre-AGU


As the author of many Q330 and Baler control and data acquisition tools, ISTI teaches a 1- or 2-day course on the usage of the Q330/Baler, and will work with the client on customizing the Q330 programming for their particular needs. In addition, we can assist the client with integrating the Q330 with their in-house data acquisition system. Class size is limited to 4 participants.


ISTI offers SeisComP Training Courses to Fit Your Needs!

ISTI is a GFZ authorized open source developer of SeisComP modules and has years of system integration experience.

A typical week-long course will cover:

  • Initial installation, including database configuration
  • Basic configuration, including station inventory, automatic location bindings and Seedlink data sources
  • Data archiving and data exchange
  • Work with the SeisComP GUIs, including viewing event catalogs, and post-processing — picking and relocating events
  • Playback and system tuning

Our upcoming SeisComP class may be found here.

Custom Courses

Upon request, ISTI can design a custom training course on any of our tools, or software systems with which we are familiar.  Courses may be held in Saratoga, NY or at your location.

Please contact ISTI directly for pricing information.


Here is what students have said about ISTI courses.

“I walked into your course with basically zero . . . experience,
and I came home with everything I needed to finally get all our
[systems] working after months of frustration.”

“Hands on Demonstrations. [The instructors] were all great
about explaining the goal, and were helpful when issues arose.”

“I really enjoyed the practical hands-on parts: both having us set up systems, and watching you configure systems. It just helped me better understand the practical issues I’m likely to run into. (That being said, the lectures were important as a foundation . .. ).”

Training Materials

ISTI offers .pdf documents of much of our training material free of charge. Please contact us if you’d like a link to the material.