AQMS Course

This course will be useful to anyone trying to rapidly get up to speed on AQMS..

AQMS Course

AQMS is the ANSS Quake Monitoring System which is a 100% open source wrapper around Earthworm involving a Postgres database. AQMS can be used for recalculation of earthquake hypocenters and magnitudes using an advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) known as Jiggle. It also provides a management platform for the earthquake catalog, complete with distribution tools via web services. AQMS runs on Linux systems (it did however originate on Solaris and rely on Oracle) but the Jiggle GUI can be used by analysts on any platform, since it is coded in Java and works remotely from the server.

Currently, AQMS training is offered as part of a 3-Day Earthworm/AQMS intensive course.  In the course, we will be providing an expert’s insight into the system. You will learn tricks and tips from our decades of experience operating and programming Earthworm and AQMS. You will learn how to set up regional automatic earthquake detection with the latest release of Earthworm.

Our upcoming (online) EW/AQMS class may be found here.

Additional classes: If you are interested in an AQMS-only course or a custom course for your team, please contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.

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