2021 EW/AQMS Half-Day (Rescheduled from 2020)

Introduction to Earthworm/AQMS ShortCourse
August 2021; half-day
(Day 0 of the 2021 SAGE-GAGE Workshop)

Participants will :

  • Learn Earthworm Architecture and how to add and configure a module
  • Understanding how analysts can use AQMS for their seismic network

Earthworm is used primarily as a local and regional seismic data aggregator and automatic seismic event detection system. This Introduction will give examples of how Earthworm is used, will discuss the architecture, and will go into the basics of system configuration. If you add a Linux AQMS to Earthworm you get an event post-processing and databasing system. We will discuss Postgres database architecture, as well as describe how automatic event detection flows from Earthworm into AQMS. Finally, we’ll demo the platform-independent Jiggle post-processing picker software.

If you’re interested in signing up, contact UNAVCO or IRIS, or contact ISTI: https://isti.com/about/contact/contact-us/ There is no additional cost for the half-day course if you are attending the GAGE/SAGE workshop. Look to this page for more information nearer the time of the event.

Intended audience: seismic network managers, system administrators, seismic analysts


Here is what students have said about full ISTI courses.

“I walked into your course with basically zero . . . experience,
and I came home with everything I needed to finally get all our
[systems] working after months of frustration.”

“Hands-on Demonstrations. [The instructors] were all great
about explaining the goal, and were helpful when issues arose.”

“I really enjoyed the practical hands-on parts: both having us set up systems, and watching you configure systems. It just helped me better understand the practical issues I’m likely to run into. (That being said, the lectures were important as a foundation . .. ).”

Photo ISTI 2017