NEW!!!! Multi-Channel Systems for Structural Monitoring Applications

  • Multi-channel systems (up to 1000 recording channels) with parallel data recording at the central recording unit
  • Parallel data processing
  • Usage of 32 bit ADC digitizer units
  • Extremely low power consumption, only 0.2 W per channel
  • Real time telemetry over SeedLink protocol & system control
  • Selection variety of analog sensors (BB seismometer, short period seismometer, geophone force balance, high frequency geophone, deep borehole geophone, water pressure hydrophone, seismic accelerometer, strong motion accelerometer, MEMS accelerometer)
  • Real time data processing module using the DIN4150 format
  • Real time user alert

GEObit provides a flexible, real time, immediate warning, structural monitoring solution. We combine our SRi32S digitizer/recorders and a very powerful processing unit to provide a real time structural monitoring and alert system.

The Geobit advanced, multi-channel, structural monitoring system supports real time, automatic user alerts. The system acquires data from all channels at 200 SPS per channel by default, continuously processing in real time. The vibration level is calculated in the DIN4150 format. If the level exceeds the standard limit, the user receives an alert by SMS and email.

The multi channel system has been used in several applications requiring a real time, vibration monitoring system. Applications include blast monitoring, structure vibration monitoring caused from nearby work or construction projects, and monitoring of ancient buildings for human sourced vibrations.

The GEOShock Software

The communication and analysis software (GEOShock) runs on a linux PC with the following features: signal waveform plot, FFT analysis, spectrum response, energy content per frequency, file conversion in ASCII format, individual trigger level set for each sensor, alert via email or SMS when SPPV exceeds predefined limits etc. The software can be installed on any computer and the user can receive data in real time, processed at multiple receiving points. The software includes the data plot software “SeisGram2k” and the SPPV monitor.

The implementation of the software has been developed so that it provides continuous monitoring and recording of the vibrations in real time, calculating parallel vibration every minute and determining how many times the SPPV limit has been exceeded. The SPPV limit is not constant but linear to the frequency from 10 to 100 Hz, and can be derived from the structural study of the building.

The software has the ability to send automated email notifications to the user if limits are exceeded.

The SPPV velocity calculation is automatically performed by the monitoring service program GEOShock.  It  processes the data in real time, calculates the SPPV magnitude and displays it in a plot as a function of frequency. It also plots the maximum SPPV value calculated every minute. If the SPPV threshold is exceeded, the user receives an email alert containing the maximum value exceeding the threshold.