Induced Seismicity Monitoring

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ISTI works closely with our partner HMSC Inc. in building networks for Induced Seismicity monitoring.  Clients receive real-time event detection and location services with the aid of the Earthworm Software.

Geothermal development, oil and gas stimulation and/or recovery operations, and waste fluid injection all are known to potentially induce seismicity (cause earthquakes) at some level. ISTI’s seismic monitoring software and hardware provides operators with high precision real-time feedback to help determine whether seismic events are natural or a result of recovery and/or fluid injection operations.  Our team will assess the seismic risk inherent in a region Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.17.28 PMand design real-time solutions in response to regulatory requirements, production operations, and environmental monitoring needs. ISTI can provide you with an economical and complete solution that incorporates our custom Enterprise Earthworm solution, complete with our  EZ EarthWorm product, and the HMSC Inc. hardware team we partner with to get the job done in the most efficient way. 



Our team has experience deploying cellular modem-based networks and other wireless communications systems to provide live data feeds to our centralized processing data center.  Data are processed automatically in real-time under the guidance of ISTI’s experienced seismologists and made available immediately via SMS, Email and/or a secure web solution. In addition, ISTI’s team of seismologists can provide you with a post-processing solution to back up the automated system and also more advanced products such as focal mechanisms, moment tensors, shear-wave splitting studies, full waveform inversion, double-difference earthquake locations, and seismic tomography!


A typical induced seismicity monitoring station installed by the ISTI team uses a 3-component 2Hz borehole/posthole sensor as is shown in the photo to the right. Our stations are completely autonomous and provide data in real-time back to our operations center in New York. Our operations center has a fiber-backed internet connection and redundant servers with redundant power sources..HMSC-1-3C-2.0Hz

In addition, ISTI can provide you with a traffic light system to give your injection operators immediate and direct feedback about the injection operations to help avoid costly downtime. ISTI provides advanced processing algorithms to obtain information on smaller magnitude events than typical installations of our competitors.

Please download our PDF on Micro Seismic Monitoring.